DVLA warns customers of scam emails and fake websites

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVRLA) has warned customers of scam emails and text messages.

The Agency said: “We don’t send emails or text messages that ask you to confirm your personal details or payment information, such as for a vehicle tax refund. If you get anything like this, don’t open any links and delete the email or text immediately.”

The DVLA continued to warn of misleading third party websites passing themselves off as DVLA. These sites might, for example, offer help with applying for a driving licence or car tax. These sites will often charge additional fees for services that you can get for free or at a lower cost on GOV.UK.

The DVLA said: “To try and pass themselves off as genuine, these sites might include ‘DVLA’ in their web address (URL). They might also design their site to appear as if it’s DVLA - for example, using DVLA’s old ‘green triangle’ logo, which we no longer use.

“Don’t be fooled by these sites - even if they appear at the top of search engine results. Always double check you’re using GOV.UK.
Top tips to protect yourself and others.”

Drivers are urged to only use GOV.UK to be sure that they're dealing directly with DVLA, and to report online scams to Action Fraud and report misleading adverts to search engines.

Other advice includes not sharing images on social media that contain personal information, such as your driving licence and vehicle documents.

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