Research finds non-rail users view of public transport

Non rail users list convenience as most important reason for current form of transport.

Passenger Focus research has looked into the reasons which prevent motorists using public transport.

Many people believe catching the train would increase their journey time when compared with driving, was more hassle than using their car and is too expensive.

60 per cent of non-rail users to choose their current form of transport due to convenience, followed by 17 per cent who chose cost.

However, when passengers were encouraged to ‘give rail a go’, participants said catching the train was more comfortable and reliable than they expected and some passengers found the price of a ticket was cheaper than what they thought it would be.

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said: "Our research has found that catching the train is often perceived by non-users as being difficult when compared with reaching for the car keys and driving to a destination."

"Operators should therefore strive to get new passengers sampling off-peak train services in a bid to get more passengers using these trains."

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