Guidance published for road works permit schemes

Councils to be given more power to coordinate road works and take action when they overrun.

Transport Minister Sadiq Khan has published new guidance to help local authorities take on powers to tackle problem road works.

Road works permit schemes give councils more power to coordinate road works and to take tough action when they overrun. Once a scheme is in place companies must apply for a permit before they start road works and abide by conditions on timing, coordination or the amount of road space to be left available to road users during the works.

Anyone who breaks the terms of their permit or works without a permit could be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £5,000. It is also an offence not to meet a permit condition, of which the maximum fine is £2,500.

Kent County Council was the first permit scheme to be approved by the Secretary of State.

Khan said: "Everyone knows that road works are necessary to keep essential infrastructure in good order but councils and utility companies need to do everything possible to keep disruption to a minimum for the travelling public."

"We introduced these schemes to give local authorities more power to manage and co-ordinate road works and the guidance we are publishing will make it easier for other councils to develop high quality permit schemes and so reduce inconvenience for all those who use the roads."

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