Views sought on motorway air quality measures in Wales

The Welsh Government is seeking views on its final package of measures to improve air quality on Welsh roads.

The Welsh Government's plan, Tackling Roadside Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations in Wales, supplements national plans, and contains potential measures to achieve compliance in the shortest possible time with limit values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at five locations on the motorway and trunk road network in Wales.

Where sections of the motorway and trunk road network currently exceed Ambient Air Quality Directive and Welsh Regulation limit values for NO2 concentrations, temporary 50mph speed limits were put in place.

The consultation on the final package of measures for improvements to air quality at these five sites, known as WelTAG Stage Three, is further to the consultation exercise that took place back in April 2018 on the Stage One and Stage Two findings. It will also look for opinions on the 50mph speed limits.

Transport Secretary Ken Skates said: “The contribution made by the environment to good health cannot be overstated. Tackling poor air quality is a priority for the Welsh Government, reflected in our national strategy ‘Prosperity for All’. We will reduce emissions and deliver vital improvements in air quality through planning, infrastructure and regulation measures.

"Alongside the other devolved administrations, we’re working actively to meet our joint objective with the UK Government to transform the UK’s most polluted towns and cities into clean and healthy urban spaces, supporting those most directly affected.

"We now need your views on the proposed final measures to achieve compliance within the shortest possible time with the limit values laid down by the Directive and Regulations at each of these five locations.”

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