Motorcyclists at centre of new £3.5 million THINK! campaign

TV, radio and online advertising asks drivers to see the person behind the helmet.

A new £3.5 million THINK! campaign asks drivers to look out for motorcyclists and encourages them to see the person behind the helmet.

‘Named Riders’ includes TV, radio, cinema and online advertising.

The TV adverts will show bikers with flashing neon signs attached to their bikes, which show the rider's name and describe personality traits such as 'shy retiring type' or 'new dad'.

Despite only accounting for one per cent of traffic, motorcyclists make up 19 per cent of deaths on Britain’s roads.

The campaign, launched by Road Safety Minister Paul Clark, marks a radical departure for THINK! after research showed drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they personally know a biker.

Clark said: "Previous adverts have warned drivers to look out for bikes in specific situations such as at T-junctions or in their blind spots and showed the deadly consequences of failing to do so."

"This exciting new campaign goes a step further by asking drivers to reconsider the way they look at bikers."

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