Joint Bluestar and Velvet initiatives benefits bus passengers

Co-ordinated timetables and integrated tickets agreed on for Hedge End and Botley.

Bus companies Bluestar and Velvet have agreed a joint initiative which will see Hedge End and Botley bus users benefit from co-ordinated timetables and integrated tickets.

Velvet were bought in to reach an agreement on tickets and service frequencies after discussions between Bluestar and Eastleigh Borough Council over planned changes to the Bluestar 3 bus service.

The two companies' separately planned timetables have caused uneven gaps between buses and long waits for passengers in the past. Tickets bought on one route could also not be used on the other.
Bluestar 3 and Velvet route A will now combine to offer a half hourly service along the route linking Botley, Oaklands Estate, Hedge End Village, Wildern Lane and the Sainsbury's/Marks & Spencer stores at Hedge End Park and both bus companies have also agreed to accept each others' return tickets.
Councillor David Airey, Cabinet Member for Transport and Streetscene for Eastleigh Borough Council said: "The positive approach shown by both bus companies proves that successful partnership between private operators and the local authority really does deliver more convenient services for public transport users."

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