Highways Agency improves winter service vehicle fleet

Highways Agency improves winter service vehicle fleetRoad maintenance equipment manufacturers Schmidt UK and Romaquip are sharing a £45m contract to supply the Highways Agency (HA) with new winter vehicles.The first of the machines, which will be used for clearing snow and accurately spreading dry, treated and pre-wetted salt, will be operating on motorways and major A-roads by next winter.

{sidebar id=1}The fleet is expected to be completely upgraded by 2011, as part of the four-year deal which will see 157 vehicles delivered  in the first year, 142 in year two, 77 in year three and 54 in year four.
The Highways Agency currently owns 303 of around 500 vehicles operating on its network.  The remainder are operated by its service providers. HA national winter service delivery manager Martin Hobbs said: "This is a significant investment and will enable us to improve the level of service for road users, while at the same time reducing running costs and ensuring a cleaner environment with less waste and greener engines."

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