New plans outline information needed at all road works

All road works to now include contact number, details of who is carrying out the works and meet safety for disabled people standards.

Transport Minister Sadiq Khan has published plans that state that all road works will need to be clearly signed and meet strict rules on safety.

Councils will now have to abide by the same rules as utility firms, who already have to provide information at road works, including a contact telephone number and details of who is carrying out the works, as well as meeting high safety standards.

Anyone carrying out road works will also have to meet tougher standards on safety for disabled people, making sure sites are properly protected and facilities are put in place to allow wheelchair users to move around them easily.

Further changes to the Safety Code of Practice include additional information on maintaining and making sites safe when unattended, new equipment requirements to improve worker and road user safety and more advice on work near railway level crossings or near trams.

Khan said: "It is not acceptable for works to be badly signed, left in a dangerous state or put in place without a thought for the needs of road users, particularly people with disabilities."

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