Surrey County Council launch traffic information website

Site shows roadworks, travel disruptions, and car park locations and capacity.

Surrey County Council has launched a new traffice information website to help commuters, visitors and residents decide how and when to plan their journeys.

The site will show roadworks that might affect their journey, including an indication of how much disruption they are causing, other travel disruptions, such as emergency road closures, levels of congestion and train times and real-time information on some bus routes.

Also, events that may generate a lot of traffic, such as the Epsom Derby, car park locations and capacity, including for certain sites the number of spaces available, locations of bus stops and train stations, bus and train departure times and information displayed on the council’s roadside information signs, such as warnings about congestion on key routes.

People can also report traffic signal faults on the website, with the facility to pin down the exact signal location on a map.

Ian Lake, the council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "This will not only make travelling less stressful, but should also contribute to easing the congestion on roads, as people will have better information about disruption and jams to avoid."

Further information:
Surrey County Council Travel Information

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