Highway Agency launches road workers campaign

Campaign aimed at motorists ignoring speed limits while passing through roadworks.

The Highways Agency is launching the Respect our Road Workers campaign, focusing on the dangers of motorists ignoring speed limits while passing through roadworks.

It will highlight how driving through a quarter mile length of roadworks at 70mph takes five seconds less than at 50mph - but losing five seconds could mean somebody losing their life.

The new campaign will involve poster, radio and newspaper advertising as well as awareness events at Motorway Service Areas, which will be attended by Highways Agency Traffic Officers, Central Motorway Police Group and representatives from Amey.

Between 2003 and 2008, 11 roadworkers were killed and 104 were seriously injured while working on motorways and major A roads in England.

Rob Price, road safety coordinator in the West Midlands said: "Roadworkers work in a dangerous environment and deserve respect and consideration from drivers."

"I urge all drivers to obey speed restrictions and pay close attention to safety when driving through roadworks."

Further information:
Road Worker Safety

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