Urban Challenge Fund is launched

Funding scheme to support measures to deliver transport improvements.

Transport Minister Sadiq Khan has urged local authority and city leaders to be bold and innovative in developing transport strategies as the Urban Challenge Fund is launched.

The Urban Challenge Fund is a new funding scheme designed to support packages of measures that will deliver a wide range of transport improvements.

Cities will only be eligible to receive money from the fund if they can show their plans will improve journey choice, tackle congestion, improve safety, lower carbon emissions and promote healthier lifestyles through better air quality and more walking and cycling.

The new fund will replace the Congestion Transport Innovation Fund, which was established to support towns and cities in tackling congestion through local road pricing schemes.

The Urban Challenge Fund will support wider packages of measures that tackle congestion and offer greater choice for transport users, improve safety, reduce air pollutants and carbon emissions and improve the living environment. This new approach will stimulate greater innovation amongst local authorities and appeal to a broader range of cities.

Khan said: "Given the environmental and financial challenges we face, it is more important than ever that urban transport planning is embedded in broader economic and spatial planning."

"The Urban Challenge Fund is designed to support cities that want to deliver economic, health and environmental improvements at the same time, and are prepared to take the bold decisions needed to make that happen."

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