Consultation on improving cycling in West London

Transport for London (TFL) is inviting people to have their say on proposed changes to streets between Wood Lane and Notting Hill Gate to improve cycling and walking.

These improvements would make roads in west London much more welcoming to people cycling and walking which is essential to reduce car use and clean up London’s toxic air. This will help to make the area much more safer, healthier and more pleasant place to stay in.

TFL is working on improving streets for cycling and walking between Acton and Wood Lane, with construction set to be completed on this section by December 2019. The proposed project, which would extend the corridor eastwards from Wood Lane to Notting Hill Gate, creating a 7km route in total, would enable even more people in west London to walk and cycle and help to reduce poor air pollution and congestion in the area.

TFL's investigation has demonstrated that west London is an area of very high demand for active travel, where community want to be able to cycle or walk more often instead of using transport. The proposed changes in the area will include upgrades to public spaces and creating more welcoming streets for community to spend time in. A new two way segregated cycle track throughout, which will keep people cycling separated from motor traffic, which will help to increase safety for the people on the roads. Also, the proposed changes will include changes to some bus stop locations and new bus bypasses for people cycling and making some side roads entry and exit only to help the safe and timely movement of traffic.

The consultation for the improvements will be open until 12 June and is available on the TFL web page. ( ).

Casey Abaraonye, Coordinator at Hammersmith and Fulham Cyclists, commented on the report, saying: "These improvements are a brilliant opportunity to create a healthier and happier west London. They will create neighbourhoods where people working or visiting the many schools, hospitals and shops will be able easily walk or cycle their journeys, reducing air pollution and supporting the town centres making them better to enjoy and experience."

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