The Highways Agency argues the case for Active Traffic Management to reduce congestion and improve journey time

RFID is demonstrating huge versatility in terms of its ability to enable solutions within applications in the transportation sector

Neal Skelton, ITS (UK), explains how ITS can help reach the government’s sustainability targets

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The road respect campaign is about making roads safer, better for the environment, better for business and ultimately, saving lives

Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Road Safety Minister, calls for all of us to join the debate and help shape road safety strategies beyond 2010

Road Safety Minister Jim FitzpatrickOn average, almost 9 people lose their lives each and every day on the UK's roads. Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Road Safety Minister, talks to Transport Business about the Government's plans to tackle road safety issues beyond 2010, and asks Transport Business readers to join the debate.

For most employees, driving on business is the most dangerous task they undertake during their working life, according to official figures. The Driving for Better Business programme aims to build a broad network of employers with ‘business champions’ at the centre.

With high levels of interest in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), it's little wonder that the technology is developing so rapidly

Precksha Saksena of Telematics Update explains how months of research have led to the realisation that Telematics may have gone full circle and is now able to sustain business case for basic services that failed to take off in 2001.